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7 Things to Know About Investment Property Loans


Are you good with your finances and think you have an eye for investments? You’ve thought about entering the investment property market, and now want to join other Australians who’ve had the same idea. Keep in mind investment property loans are different than homeowner loans. Before you secure a...

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Investing in Australian Property: 7 Tips for Beginners


Australians went mad over avocados this year. The madness came after a 60 Minutes interview with real estate mogul Tim Gurner back in May. In the interview, Gurner stated that fewer millennials will be able to own houses in the future. The reason why? Gurner blames their frivolous spending...

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Learning from the Property Investment Experts


If you cannot find or cannot afford a property investment in your preferred location, looking at neighbouring areas is your best option. One reason for this is possible shared infrastructure but also the ripple effect. The ripple effect is when an area has an increase in prices due to...

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8 Questions to Ask Your Finance Broker in Australia


Technology trends come and go but one thing guaranteed to continue giving returns is land. Owning property on that land provides a reliable form of income. 1 in 5 Australians own investment properties, a figure that has increased by 3 percent since 2015. But when you want to invest...

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A Complete Mortgage Guide for First-Time Home Buyers


A mortgage guide for first-time home buyers? Yes, please! Many first-time home buyers find that getting a home loan can be a long, mistake-filled experience. These mistakes are made simply because they didn’t know certain things. For instance, did you know that it’s not a good idea to change...

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What You Need for Success in Property Investment


To create a successful property investment portfolio, you need assets that appreciate in value at the right rate. The way you can try and predict this appreciation involves understanding supply and demand in the market. Your properties can increase in appreciation due to an increase in demand driven by...

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Low Stress Property Investment


What type of investor are you? Once you have you clearly defined your goals for investing in property it will be easier to work out your objectives and strategies to help reach those goals. If you want to invest in property with less hassle you will need to look...

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Turnkey Investing: 6 Property Mistakes to Avoid


Are you looking to invest in a turnkey property? It can be the most hassle-free type of property investment out there, which is partly why Australia has seen a rise in foreign investors recently. But that’s only the case if you do it right. Turnkey investing is growing in popularity in...

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Property Investment for Beginners: Go for It! 8 Reasons Why


Intimidated by property? Property is one of the safest forms of investment in the world. But many investors are concerned that it’ll be confusing or boring. Property investment for beginners doesn’t have to be complicated. And the potential benefits are staggering. Property investment for beginners doesn’t have to be boring, tiresome...

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Best Investments: Your Turnkey Property Investing Guide


Turnkey properties are some of the best investments on the market today. A great choice for people looking to make a quick turnaround on a purchase, investors can make thousands of dollars within a month through these investments. A lot of people can benefit from investing in turnkey properties,...

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