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4 Tips to Keep Your Property Occupied


Your tenant gave their notice, they’re leaving, and you’re blindsided. What happens next? Scrambling to find a new tenant Blasting costly advertisements & marketing campaigns Sitting on the property while it’s losing money A tenant leaving without the next coming through is a tricky situation. It’s a catch 22....

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing


You have probably heard that owning property is a great investment. We know. We’ve been trying to tell you!  The market is crazy right now. But you may be asking yourself: Have I thought of all the right questions to ask before putting down my hard earned money? Come...

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3 Tips to Get Financing for a Property Loan


There’s no question. It’s a good time to be in Queensland real estate. Gold Coast housing prices are up 6.2% and Southeast Queensland is slated to explode with 35% growth over the next three years. With numbers like that on the horizon, there’s no better time to invest in...

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