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Courier Mail Highlights Vystal Development Growth


Brisbane Market Median Price Record As Five-Year Gains Reach 30 Per Cent Courier Mail Highlights Vystal Development Growth Page 6 of today’s Courier Mail (10/09/2018) boasts a 2.5 percent rise in Brisbane’s median house price to hit a record breaking $673,000. REIQ’s Chief Executive Antonia Mercorella said the market...

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Budget 2018: a property investors guide


While Budget 2018 may not contain too many measures directly aimed at property investors, some things in the Budget may affect investors indirectly. We explore how. What you need to know about the federal government’s recent budget Anyone hoping that last May’s federal budget would contain a lot about...

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Is Refinancing Your Investment Property a Smart Move?


Refinancing could help you to lower your monthly mortgage payments and maximize the return on interest from your investment property. However, while there are pros to refinancing, there are also cons. Here, we explain all the details to provide a balanced view. Are you considering refinancing your investment property,...

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Deciding on a Property Investment Strategy


If your goal is to build wealth and create a solid nest egg for the future you might consider capital growth in property investment an option. However, having the patience and enough cash flow to allow your property to gain capital growth and therefore building equity can be challenging....

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7 Things to Know About Investment Property Loans


Are you good with your finances and think you have an eye for investments? You’ve thought about entering the investment property market, and now want to join other Australians who’ve had the same idea. Keep in mind investment property loans are different than homeowner loans. Before you secure a...

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8 Questions to Ask Your Finance Broker in Australia


Technology trends come and go but one thing guaranteed to continue giving returns is land. Owning property on that land provides a reliable form of income. 1 in 5 Australians own investment properties, a figure that has increased by 3 percent since 2015. But when you want to invest...

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A Complete Mortgage Guide for First-Time Home Buyers


A mortgage guide for first-time home buyers? Yes, please! Many first-time home buyers find that getting a home loan can be a long, mistake-filled experience. These mistakes are made simply because they didn’t know certain things. For instance, did you know that it’s not a good idea to change...

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Stay up to Date When Investing in Property


If you are interested in investing in property you have to stay up to date with financial and other news. Markets change all the time and lenders have to stay on top of their game. Therefore you need to keep an eye on any changes in lending criteria as...

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Save Money to Buy an Investment Property for Sale


It’s no secret that saving money to buy an investment property is a challenging affair. But, with about one in every five Australians owning property, you have no reason to make that an excuse. So, you can become a landlord, too. Most experts recommend saving enough to meet at least 20...

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3 Tips to Get Financing for a Property Loan


There’s no question. It’s a good time to be in Queensland real estate. Gold Coast housing prices are up 6.2% and Southeast Queensland is slated to explode with 35% growth over the next three years. With numbers like that on the horizon, there’s no better time to invest in...

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