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How to combat Australia’s rising cost of living


If, like many Australians, you find your cost of living rising, owning an investment property could help make it easier to meet the bills while also saving for your future. We explore how. Property’s role in helping you contain your expenses For many Australians, the cost of living is...

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Learning from the Property Investment Experts


If you cannot find or cannot afford a property investment in your preferred location, looking at neighbouring areas is your best option. One reason for this is possible shared infrastructure but also the ripple effect. The ripple effect is when an area has an increase in prices due to...

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What You Need for Success in Property Investment


To create a successful property investment portfolio, you need assets that appreciate in value at the right rate. The way you can try and predict this appreciation involves understanding supply and demand in the market. Your properties can increase in appreciation due to an increase in demand driven by...

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