Our Approach

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VystalTM 360 Investment Model

Our approach incorporates our ‘360 Investment’ model to educate our clients on the fundamental requirements for successful investing.

Based on the real-time insights discovered through our ‘360 Investment’ model, we are able to partner with our clients to provide personalised insights into the best available opportunities for property investment on the Australian market. Explore our ‘360 Investment’ approach to discover how to successfully invest in property.

Infrastructure: +

Public or private, existing and future local infrastructure projects play a major role in the desirability of a suburb, and can deliver value to your property investment. In order to predict future price growth it is essential to understand how and when plans for implementing new services will take effect.

Additional roads, road upgrades or public transport systems create links to employment hubs and city centres, and stimulate the local economy through job creation, business and retail growth, and increased consumer spending. Substantial infrastructure projects can often indicate the next high-performing property markets.

At Vystal Property our researchers take the evaluation and analysis of existing and planned infrastructure upgrades carefully into account to identify the most likely areas for future growth.

Occupier Profile: +

Identifying key trends in the social demographics of a suburb can assist investors to make smart property choices.It is critical to take into account factors such as population density, median age, income, migration and employment, which can all impact on the broader character, safety and potential of the surrounding area.

A demographic outlook allows us to recognise residential environments with good owner-occupier appeal – vital for positive long-term growth. We focus on properties that are highly desirable to quality tenants, ensuring you get the pick of the rental market.

Our researchers undertake a comprehensive analysis of occupier profiles working closely with our experienced property management associates to identify suitable housing for various tenant demographics.

Area Employment Profile: +

A diverse range of employment opportunities within close proximity to a property can mean it is likely to perform strongly due to increased market demand. Locations that register growth in the employment sector and are close to cities and large regional centres, business hubs or large-scale industry are highly sought after and generally maintain low vacancy rates and higher rental returns.

We closely monitor significant infrastructure projects planned by both the government and the private sector as this activity creates jobs and opportunities. We also take into account current and forecasted economic and employment trends in order to give the best possible advice.

Proximity and Network: +

Properties located within easy reach of essential services are undoubtedly well regarded – and for good reason. Reputable schools and educational facilities can drive demand for a suburb and support population growth. Hospitals, medical centres and other emergency services are also vital, and public amenities such as libraries, recreation centres, sporting grounds and entertainment precincts generate a priceless sense of community.

We look for properties that are ideally positioned near major roads and railway stations for convenient access to and from employment hubs. Combine this with close proximity to beaches, lakes and other major attractions and you are investing in an enviable lifestyle.

Social and Economic Vibrancy: +

The aesthetic characteristics of a suburb or street have a dramatic impact on desirability. Leafy streets, landscaped parks, and neighbourhood facilities such as children’s playgrounds, walking trails and cycling paths all add to the ambience and contribute to long-term capital gains.

The fastest growing regions offer convenience through close proximity to retail strips, parks, sporting grounds, restaurants and cafes, and will attract strong tenancy demand. Whether you’re looking for beachside living, an urban aspect or the convenience of a master-planned and family-friendly estate, it pays to invest in a premium location.

At Vystal Property our researchers carefully review social and community opportunities to identify housing that is most suitable to the demographics of an area.