Writing showing many factors to consider not only location

What is The Perfect Location for Property Investment?


We all know the saying “Location, location, location” but what makes a location perfect for property investment? According to Steve McKnight founder of PropertyInvesting.com, you should not look for the perfect property, whether it is a rural, city or regional property. You should rather look for the property that matches your requirements perfectly and those you can find anywhere.

 “Opportunity is not location specific” – good (and bad) deals are found everywhere.  Indeed, a saying of mine to remember is this: “As long as people live in houses you can make money out of real estate,” and this means that if you can find a problem, whether a people or a housing problem, and solve it cost-effectively, then you should be able to create wealth.

First, you have to decide what you want to spend, what returns you require in which time frame and which locations you feel most comfortable in investing in. Next you can look at the different factors which affect those locations. These factors can include transport links, lifestyle features, and public amenities.

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Read the source article at propertyinvesting.com